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How long can a spy glasses camera record?
You can record about 2.5 hours per 1Gb memory. However actual recording time will be limited by the battery life. Typically, the built-in battery can last up to 1.5 hours. There are also external auxiliary battery option available to make it last up to 5 hours or more.

Are the sample videos true representation of a camera quality?
Yes, and since we had to convert the original video to a format viewable for everyone (flash), the video quality of the actual camera would be about 10% better.

Why don't you post samples videos for all other cameras?
Video quality of a camera really depends on the recorder that is connected to. Also, since cameras are analog, it need to be converted to digital format to post on the web, loosing resolution in the process. That is why we only have sample videos for "all in one system" that has a built-in digital recorder.

Does a DVR make any noise?
Full size stand alone DVRs all come with a cooling fan that will make noise as much as a PC. Portable DVRs do not make any noise.

How can I focus the pinhole lens?
Turn the lens counter-clockwise to the point where it almost falls out. Connect the camera to TV and turn the lens clockwise slowly until it focus. Ba careful not to bottom out, it will crack the CCD sensor.

Can you recommend a good media player to playback videos taken by your all-in-one camera?
Many times, Windows Media Player will not play the video because it might not have a proper codec installed. We recommend the following players.
Please download GOM Player at: Or VLC Player at:

Does a spy glasses camera make any noise?
No, spy glasses cameras or any other portable digital recording devices does not make any noises.

Is there a spy glasses camera for a child?
We do get a lot of inquiries but there are no ideal system for a spy glasses camera system for a child. Since there are components that needs to be mounted and would be to cumbersome and heavy for a child to wear. We do have a small glasses like cameras but battery will not last long enough and the operation would be too difficult for a child to turn it on at the right moment . Best alternative would be just placing a small voice recorder.

Is there a glasses camera that I can hide in a diaper bag that can watch my infant with an outside sitter?
Unfortunately, video recording would be too difficult for the application. Audio might be much easier. We do have a small glasses like cameras but battery will not last long enough and the operation would be too difficult for a child to turn it on at the right moment . Besides the camera will most like be looking at a wrong direction. We recommend for you to get a micro voice recorder and hide in the dipper bag.

Do you have any glasses cameras which can record text from computer screen?
There is no high enough resolution camera that can capture standard 10~12 pt size text from a computer monitor at once. You will need to scan section by section from about 12" or less from the screen. You can use any cameras such as a spy glasses camera.

Is there a way to duplicate the video on the pc without the audio?
Use VirtualDub ( and do the following 1. Open VirtualDub and load your file Audio Removal: 2. Audio=> No Audio 3. Audio=> Direct Stream Copy Video: 4. Video=>Direct Stream Copy 5. File=>Save=> select avi and enter the filename

Does all-in-one cameras have a cooling fan and does it make any noise when recording?
No cooling fan, absolutely silent while recording.

What is the best way to record a document and be able to read 10 to 12pt font size?
No matter the resolution of a camera, the recording resolution of a video recorder is limited to 640 X 480 pixels. Therefore, you cannot capture the whole document at once, (it would be possible with a 5M pixel digital snap picture camera but there are none available in covert format in the market yet) rather, you will need to scan the document from top to bottom. We do recommend a spy glasses camera since you can hold it in your hand to do so. Please see a video demo at: spy glasses camera

Does motion detection recording mode extend its battery life?
A DVR can record upon motion. DVR senses pixel movement of the video signal from the camera.. However Since the camera and the DVR has to be on all the time, it will not extend the battery life at standby mode. However Unlike other camera with DVR, Camball takes one still shot every three seconds and compares it with the previous shot. If there is any difference between the two shots, Camball recognize it as a motion and start to record for 2 minutes. If there is no motion during the 2 minutes, Camball goes to sleep. While it sleeps, the still shots are taken every three seconds, thus saving battery life up to 40 hrs. Also cameras that can record upon sound activation such as DVRM-2GA can last up to 250 hours on standby.


Can a camera see in total dark?
Cameras can not see in total darkness. You will need IR illuminators either built around the camera lens or as a separate lighting source (only for a B/W camera or a D/N camera). We do carry cameras that works in very low light conditions. Lower the lux rating, better it is under low light.

How does a camera work with a bright spot lighting source?
All cameras come with auto-electronic iris control. In a case in low light the iris will open up and brighten the picture automatically (however limited to its lux rating)As long as the camera is not facing directly toward a light source in low light, it'll be OK. However if a light source would be on the screen, the iris will close thus darkening the picture of the surrounding.

How does a camera adjust to different lighting level?
Every camera has auto electronic iris built-in. Unlike a human iris or other camera, there is no mechanical diaphragm that controls light intake, rather shutter speed changes automatically. Level of adjustment is very wide from low light to very bright light. You can actually place the camera an inch away from a lit 100W light bulb and still be able to read clearly the label on the bulb.

How far or how much can you see with a camera?
Cameras can see Infinite, therefore It all depends on the size of the object. Wider the angle of the lens, smaller it will appear but area coverage will be greater. You can not have both zoomed in view and cover wide area. Most of our cameras come standard with wide angle lens (75 deg horiz) that will cover the whole room if placed at the corner looking towards the center of the room.
Try our CCD Lens Calculator for more information.

How much of a room can a camera view?
Most of our cameras come with around 4mm lens providing 75 deg in horizontal angle (for 1.3" CCD). That means if the camera is placed at the corner looking towards the center of the room, it'll cover most of the room regardless of its size. Also all camera lenses are fixed focus and will focus to an object from about 2 ft away to infinity.

Does your cameras work with different voltage for other countries?
Most of our camera come with a power adapter that can handle form 110V ~240V AC. In case of a direct AC plug-in camera such as clock camera and watch camera We will include the 220V to 110V (60Hz) step-down converter. However, if your country uses 50Hz, the time on the clock, because it is digital, will not be correct (off about 20 min a day)


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