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CCTV Security Cameras Guide

How to make up a monitoring system with a video camera?

A complete monitoring system needs such products' association as follow at least: A surveillance camera, a monitor power, a fixation, the wire, the signal connector and a DVR or a monitoring acquisition card.


The first step of choosing a monitoring system: the surveillance camera

Indoor bolt and hemispheric camera----Not waterproof; Night vision and color camera.

Both indoor and outdoor infrared night vision camera----Waterproof; No light environmental monitoring at night; Landscape screen automatically from color to black and white in  infrared light irradiation; According to the material color of the scene itself, some reflective color.


Step 2 The monitor power

Each surveillance camera requires a power supply. Because the power is consumables, it is recommended to prepare one more.

Step 3 The fixation

Each surveillance camera requires a fixation, which can be fixed on the wall or on the ceiling. The fixation also can use the camera fixed interface. Please choose the perfect one according to the length and the monitoring environment.

Step 4 Video cable

Each surveillance camera requires a video cable. If you buy in rolls(without the power wire),  recommended power supply nearby.

Step 5 The signal connector

Each surveillance camera requires two signal connectors. It is recommended to prepare more in order to avoid damage when wiring.

Step 6 Monitor storage

monitoring acquisition card----It is fixed on the desktops' PIC. The desktop is used as the host. Support 845 above motherboard.

Support Windows XP, Windows 732, and the Vista system.

Purchase of video capture card, you should use your own desktop and screen.

DVR----Also known as monitoring host. It means a desktop and a monitoring acquisition card. It is much more stable than the acquisition card, without the problems such as the presence of the virus infection and the collapse of the windows system. Plug and play, simple operation and without professional complex settings. DVR support BNC/VGA output and can be connected to the monitor, the TV, and the screen. Buying a DVR, you should buy a Large-capacity hard and a screen.


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